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Finally watched Day of the Doctor

Not what I expected. Not sure what I expected, but that wasn't it. Did I like it? Did I not like it? Not sure yet. I really just have one question, as a fan of New Who who hasn't seen Original Who
—spoilery? not spoilery? vaguely spoilery? okay, no, definitely spoiler-filled—

Is this no longer a show about guilt, but one about hope? I frickin' loooooooooved the dealing-with-genoicide-guilt aspect of the show to this point. The trying to be happy and work for good while trying to forget what he had done was FASCINATING. Now that's...gone? Is this like a Star Trek reboot—where you create another world to inhabit, free from the rules of the old? Because that's totally cheating. In this New Who, the core of the character, no matter who played him, was someone who committed genocide against his own people, for the Greater Good. He was the last of his kind, an orphan. Also, what happened to the "fixed point in time" thing? Did he learn nothing from The Waters of Mars? Because that character development was fantastic.

How is the show different, with a hopeful focus? What was the mood of the original? I, of course, will be doing my homework now, watching everything, but I'd love to hear other input.


Also, I just need to say, I'm most pissed about Matt Smith leaving, because they only just put him into this utterly fantastic properly-tailored PURPLE TWEED FROCK COAT WITH ALMOST-SKINNY-JEANS. I mean, come ON! That outfit alone should make him want to stay:

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