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Finally wifi works

My mother and I went away for a few days with bf/gf (dogs). Wifi finallly works in hotel. Two whole bars. I brought my laptop which I haven't used in months, Sony GoogleTV is so much easier except for downloading. This may be my last post until I am home. Bf/gf are not fun in a car, gf sits on my lap, bf sits on the arm rest. This lasts for 30 minutes, then gf decides to bounce from looking out the side window to jumping over and looking out the front window. BF also decides to bounce on my lap back to the arm rest. Amazingly they don't jump on my mother while she drives. If they see a dog on the road being walked they both bark. I went to a fleamarket in Maine and got Marvel Essential Thor 1.

At the hotel the dogs are in a soft crate at night. Food well with 2 dogs you are very limited. Only McDs let them in and thats only on the porch. Oh the new dollar burger is disugsting. We have been going to a small mart that has a sandwich/pizza/burger counter I don't know what I had that was marked down, I microwaved it there. It was long crusty bread with some meat and mac and cheese. The dollar burger was tiny bit better at McDs


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