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Welcome To The Bitchery

So, I will delete this post in a few hours because it is doxxing but anyone with a good financial information reserve, please reply. My husband is getting out of being active duty either by going into the reserves or applying for voluntary separation. If he retires from the reserves, he will get probably 700 a month after he is 60, best case scenario. We'd also get low cost insurance while my husband is in.

If he voluntary separates, he'd get a severance package of around 30,000, after taxes and then getting some of that back after a tax return, he'd be walking away with 25,000 and healthcare for 6 months with the option of buying into a military health plan for up to 24 months. We are thinking of him taking that entire amount minus medical expenses for a year and putting it into a Roth IRA.

Which is the smarter option? I don't know. Either way he has his GI Bill and able to go get a VA loan. I am leaning toward separating and putting the severance into a 401k. Either option we are eligible for the unemployment in the state we are moving to.



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