Tell me I’m not the only one? I’ve gotten behind, and now the creditors are calling me and I need a trustee’s help.

Today was a shitty day. My car was seized by the city for unpaid parking tickets. How do I have unpaid parking tickets? Well, I have a shit ton of student debt compounded by the fact that I a) have major depression and b) was hit by a car a few years ago. My monthly payments basically exceed my income I couldn’t pay them. And I will admit, I also totally avoided them (which is not the best I get it).

Its only been in the last year or so that things have been looking up mental health wise. Part of my vast amount of debt is paying for psychotherapy (that’s a who can or worms I will not open). I don’t live extravagantly. I have a small, inexpensive apartment. But the debts have been piling up and I can’t make the monthly payments on everything. The math just doesn’t work out.

I don’t necessarily want advice. Just a bit of Groupthink love or commiseration . I had to call my mom because I need some money, and I had to tell her everything, and her response was : “Well, now you need to work harder than ever” - because I wasn’t working hard before? I wasn’t totally freaking out and trying to make things work before? I hadn’t been to the bank, to financial services, to the government applying for all kinds of deferment plans only to hit a wall everytime? Granted, this is the same woman that when I told her I was taking a semester off school because of the massive concussion after being hit by a car while crossing the street told me: “You can’t do that! The doctors are wrong, you’re fine!” This was after I had thrown up from taking a 10 minute walk outside from overexertion. Sigh...

I’m in the process of figuring this out, but I feel like such a failure, embarrassed and humiliated. I can’t get my car back for a few weeks, but I have an appointment with an insolvency trustee (I’m in Canada) next week and they were really nice on the phone.

This will go pouf eventually. I just wanted some internet love.