So I love tarot cards. I used to have three different decks, but over the years and more than a dozen moves, I've lost them all. I'm looking for a new deck, and my chief concern is a) that it be a FULL deck (aka major and minor arcana) and b) have beautiful artwork.

I'll also add—tarot is absolutely nothing spiritual to me. I like using them as a sort of thought prompt, creative spark, or means to think about a problem or situation in another way. In other words, I am not interested in decks that claim to be imbued with any sort of spiritual energy or whatever. I just want to look at lovely things while I sit with my thoughts.

Here are some examples of decks I've seen with art work I like or love...

Golden Tarot:

Aquarian Tarot (I actually once owned this deck)


Scapini Tarot