I am done with coveting people's knee high boots. Done! Who can help me?

I have wide calves. Even when I was 20 lbs lighter than I am now, my calves were the exact same circumference. Up until now, I've just exhausted/made myself feel bad by trying on a thousand pairs in every store, just to have them not fit. I found a pair of affordable ones at payless, but the problem is that they're TOO wide and slouch in an unappealing way. I want some that are 16-17" circumference, look nice, are knee high, and are under $100. I figure *one* of us must have found the magical place of boots for wide calves.

Also, any recommendations for a good mascara that doesn't make eyes itch? I used to swear by Dior's mascaras, but lately they've been making my eyes kind of itchy. I don't know if I've developed a mild allergy to it or what, but I am up for recommendations.