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I know we have a bunch of science GTers here so I have to tell you guys about some awesome women in science I met this week. It was at a networking event, and they are all either clinicians or scientists (and some are both) doing translational science. They are SO BADASS and so smart, and are actively looking for mentees. It was really inspiring, actually. I know there’s so much talk about assholes like Tim Hunt and how hard it is for women in science, but these kinds of mentoring networks are exactly the kind of thing we need. I left the meeting thinking “you know what, I CAN do this. I may have to push really hard for what I want and be aggressive at times, but I CAN DO THIS.” I haven’t felt a new sense of purpose this like this in a while. It feels really really good.

If anyone’s interested in this particular organization, it’s the Women In Transplantation initiative: http://www.tts-wit.org/. (You don’t have to necessarily be in the transplantation field, but they seem like a really good resource in general.)


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