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Finding a new psychiatrist -- how does it work?

Hey, GT, as usual I need help being a responsible adult. I'm feeling mostly settled into the Bay Area since moving here last summer, but there is one major task I still need to take care of. I need to find a psychiatrist, and soon.

I have documented mental health issues, for which I'm being medicated, but I don't have any refills left on my meds (my doctor in Missouri thoughtfully gave me a lot of refills before I left, but that was 6+ months ago). So, I need to find a psychiatrist, or at least some sort of mental health professional who can prescribe medication.


My main problem is that I don't have health insurance (ACA was too expensive), and I'm feeling really overwhelmed even just starting the process of finding a doctor. It also doesn't help that I don't like talking on the phone (hey, social anxiety), so I get nervous about calling offices. Has anyone had to go through this before? I live in California (duh) if that helps narrow things down.


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