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So my roommate will be moving our at the end of May, and I will need a new roommate. My landlords are letting me be the sole person on the lease - which is great as I can sublet the room for less than a year. If my NIH grant gets funded, I may be making enough in 6 months to afford the whole apartment by myself, which would be amazing.

I have been working on the ad to post on the university’s housing site - I’d like to find another academic and ideally another LGBTQ person. I absolutely need to make sure they love living with cats.

Has anyone sublet a room before? Any advice? Specific things I am needing to figure out:

1. How much of the security deposit to have them pay. my roommate and I split it in half. Should I still do that?


2. How much to have them pay rent (the second bedroom is smaller, so my roommate pays less than I do). Should I still do that or split it 50/50?

3. My big worry is that I will be out of town the weekend my roommate moves out and ostensibly this new person will move in.  I’ll have to lock my cats in my bedroom so they don’t escape when my roommate is moving her stuff out.  This is kind of stressing me out.  I think I will try to find someone who wants to move in the following weekend and pro-rate the rent for that.  

I just really want to find someone who I feel comfortable with. I’m tired of both work and home being stressful.

Any thoughts are welcome!

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