One thing that I knew but am now harshly reminded of is that finding a place to live in this town is just godawful. A small city, with cute small buildings, ridiculously high prices and too many people = depressed boobiechick.

As is tradition in this town I'm not going to be able to afford a place on my own. So I have to respond to room-posting after room-posting in the hopes that I can find a room that will barely fit a bed and share a house with (if I'm unlucky) noisy rich students. That's if I'm lucky. I don't make enough money to rent my own place, or buy it (might not for many many years even on a decent salary you need 2 incomes). Unless I get out of the city. Since my only real want is to be able to bicycle to work, this puts me in a predicament.. I mean if I am depended on public transport to get to work, I might as well just stay with my parents in my old room. FFS.

For now, at least I have somewhere to stay. After staying with my parents for a while I'm staying in my friends room for a few nights so that I can be closer to work and don't spend a ton of money on public transport going back and forth. This room is about 7 square metres (google says 75 square foot, is that right?) then I'm lucky enough to spend the next 3 week in my coworkers enormous room while she's away on holiday (I'll be taking care of her plants and cat in return). After that.. I guess I'll have to move back to my parents house since I'm sure I'll NEVER find a place to live! *dramatic sigh*