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Finding out something horrible about someone you know

At the beginning of this year a family friend was brought to court on sexual assault charges. A while back I looked him up to see what happened and found this:
I also worked at the barn and the pony ride parties during the same time period, while the same age. It's so bizarre to me to know that he was convicted, that this happened. At first I hoped they meant someone else as he was not an instructor but the owner and did not give lessons. Then I read when asked if he agrees with the events as states he said "I guess so" and pictured a confused old man.
I have so many different feelings about this situation. I feel so awful that this woman went through this, and awful that none of us had any idea or ability to prevent it. My mom went to coffee with this guy, we would both work at the barn and run pony ride parties. Was it our obviously close relationship that kept me from being in a similar situation? And how must my mom feel about that, bringing me there and that abuse taking place? Being a horse barn there were always teenagers around, nobody else has reported abuse and I hope nobody else has anything to report.
I don't really have a point but needed to ramble about this. Someone who I met as a child and continued to visit as an adult and never had any idea. People continue to be awful.


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