Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I cannot find many shirts for work. The problem is that my workplace allows for a more relaxed attitude in style, and I'm willing to meet it there, because I hate suits. So, I can find lovely dresses! Great sweaters! Terrific shoes!

Nice pants!

But, all the shirts are see-through. They are like gossamer silk of NOT FOR WORK. ALSO, I order things (as I hate stores and have this dumb problem with feeling panicky in them around too many people and so many lights—it's irritating). And I am always fooled.


But the shirts. That don't look like you can see through them. That don't even say something as a hint in the description. And then, are so very "HI! I'm a shirt where you really, really need a nicer bra. And a new line of work. From home!"

Damn it.

Thank you for listening to my lament.

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