I was quasi-raised a Catholic. Kinda...See Ma and PaJinx were a nun and priest who left the church to, you know, do it. And then get married and have kids, but I'm pretty sure it was to do it.

They still are friendly with other religious clergy, but have never hidden the fact that they think religion is primarily a way to keep poor people ignorant and placid. This was also complicated by the fact that MaJinx's family converted from Judiasm 15 years before she was born (her granddad remained observant, though) and they both joined the church to get away from their poor towns and get educated. They believe in God, but not people...I dunno if I can even go that far.

But as I get older, I find myself wanting religion. Not in gays-unmarriedmoms-liberals-Muslims-are-all-going-to-hell sort of way, but in a fellowship of like minded people who want to actually help others.

Has anyone switched into a religion as an adult and found happiness? Any denominations you really like?