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Welcome To The Bitchery

I loved reading the comments on today’s MP article about the “right” time for kids and seeing all the different perspectives and experiences that people shared. I’m at a place in my life/career/marriage where we’re thinking seriously about having kids in the next year or two, and it is already so confusing and scary to contemplate. I’ve always known that I wanted kids, but when that “someday” solidifies into a real timeline, all the anxieties and uncertainties become much more real and immediate.

Of course there’s no “right” time to upend your life by having a child, but is there a right-enough time? It feels like modern parenthood has become such an all-consuming lifestyle that it can only come after you’ve checked all the “responsible adult” boxes and have no concerns or instability - whether it be financial, personal, professional, or all of the above. I might feel emotionally ready, but if everything else in my life isn’t lining up, should I keep waiting? And for how long?


My other problem is that everyone says “have kids while you’re young and still have energy,” but I’m a low-energy introvert and always have been, so I worry that I won’t have the mental and physical energy required to be a good, engaged parent.

Anyways, these questions have been on my mind a lot this past year, and it’s always good to hear about other people’s experiences, so tell me how you decided to have kids/not have kids/deal with demanding kids without going crazy!

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