Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

So I was sick yesterday. I wanted to find out who worked my station while I was away so I could give them a thank you Cohiba.

intheweeds: "Hey Bro, who worked the front station last night?"

Bro: "intheweeds did."

intheweeds: side eye

Bro: "what?"

intheweeds: "I wasn't here yesterday."

Bro: "OMG! It was the other lesbian! It was girlbro! You guys all look the same!"


intheweeds, gaymanBro and BlackBro (simultaneously): "WTF?!"

Okay bro, listen here. All butch lesbians do not look alike. First of all, my black short hair is like a half inch longer than hers. Secondly, my plaid work shirt is red and hers is more like a maroon. Thirdly, my ball cap is black with white writing and girlbro's is black with grey writing. Lastly, I am mixed race Jamaican and girlbro is mixed race Trini. We are soooo different, bro!


P.S. I love you bro. You get one. Don't do it again. :)

ETA: For those who come late to this post, I want to point out that it is now a few days later and Bro is still getting made fun of by the other bros for being such an idiot. Picking on him for saying that has become a running gag. To the point where I am actually feeling kind of bad for Bro! He's certainly learned a thing or two. My work environment is actually pretty good as environments go. If you know me, you know I calls it as I sees it and I don't really pull punches around here. Bro really isn't a bad guy, he made a mistake, but he is learning.


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