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FINE I admit it

I'm kind of excited to plan my wedding.

If you'll remember, eons ago I got engaged. We are in the midst of an almost 2 year engagement (money, logistics, everyone we've ever met getting married last year, etc). I kind of procrastinated on a lot of the planning - except like, nailing down the venue, basically - and was putting it off.

We promised ourselves (and my mother) we'd get going on it after Mardi Gras and I was dragging my feet at first, but I'm getting into it. It's not that I'm not excited. It's not that I don't want a big wedding. I want it and I'm excited. I just want all of it to happen with no effort on my part. IS THAT SO MUCH TO ASK?!


Right now I'm making our save the dates. We were kind of MEH about engagement photos or anything, and we have barely any appropriate photos together, so we're using baby/little kid pics for our STDs. IT'LL BE CUTE DAMMIT. We were cute.

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