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Fingers and paws crossed!

UPDATE: IT WORKED!! 😃 They picked our application over everyone else’s. I called this morning under the guise of ‘checking if they’d gotten the application allright’ (huehuehue) and they said they were just looking at it right then and they preferred ours! We’re going over tomorrow to meet her and possibly take her home! 😁 Now for some crazy last minute cat stuff buying! IM SO EXCITED YOU GUYS!

We just requested to adopt this cat! OMG! Look how beautiful she is! She’s a purrfect match for us, everything we’d looked for in a cat! She doesn’t need a kitty playmate but does want a human playmate who is home a lot (that’s me! that’s me!) She also doesn’t need to go outside and since we want an indoor cat that’s a perfect match! And she’s goooorgeous.

We aren’t the only interested parties though.. Let’s hope they call me back and let me know we got it! :D


AAAaaaaaah I’m so excited my heart is going to break if we can’t adopt her! She’s so prettyyyy

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