That co-worker and I get the apartment we had a viewing at today!

I slept this morning then chatted with my doc about my concussion. She strongly advised me to get back to work but to take it very slowly and listen to my body. Headache is okay since most of it is probably coming from my neck but it can’t get too bad and I have to be mindful of dizziness. So this afternoon I worked for 2 hours (Okay I was at work two hours and worked for 1, but it counts..) and then co-worker and I left to the viewing!

The apartment is right across from where I stayed for three weeks and I absolutely Love the neighborhood, just being in it makes me happy. It’s also big enough to share without being awkward. The agent was all “so if you could all have your papers in by friday that’d be great.” And we pulled out all the papers on the spot. Hopefully that’ll give us an edge? I don’t know? Maybe? So please keep your fingers crossed!! If all goes well we’ll know by next wednesday.

Here’s to hoping!

After that I hung out with co-worker, first for coffee (let him talk while I chilled out and just sat quietly) and then to his place to eat pizza with his friends and watch GoT. I came with because I knew that if I went home I simply wouldn’t eat. After pizza I went home because I was tired (at 8, hello concussion) and now I’m just waiting for the sun to go down so I can sleep. Goodnight sun. Hello moon.