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*Fingers crossed*

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Job interview on Tuesday!

After the craziness of the company I work for wanting me to pay out of pocket to take a licensing test not required for my job position (because I had to reschedule the original test after sliding sideways on icy roads) and then writing me up for not getting an unnecessary license that I had to also study for on my own time with no instruction .... And then having my annual review go beautifully, and my supervisor thanked me for doing 3/4 of our team’s workload even though I’m only in part time - thennnnnn the part of the review where the “company wants to show their appreciation for your efforts blah blah” rate increase?


11 cents.

What. The. Hell.

I then showed my supervisor the job listing the company just posted- almost exact job I do but in a different department, and a starting rate $2 an hour higher? But.... 11 cents? Grrrrrrr


So! I have been really thinking about going to school got Cosmo, something I’ve wanted to do for years and almost did. Tuesday I have an interview at a salon for desk/reception work so in headed in the right direction. If I don’t get it, I’m quitting the shitty company and just going to Dunkin Donuts, make more money and get free coffee.

Oh! The picture is of the bathroom floor that hasn’t had tiles replaced since before Christmas, with the sign up blocking access to the handicapped stall should anyone need it. I’m so over this company.

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