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Fingers crossed

You guys! I need your help! Cross your fingers for me!

The boobieguy and I have been living together in his tiny studio appartment (approx 24 square metres of living space together) for the last few weeks now. It’s been going really well. There’s only one thing that stresses us out. We want an appartment and our expectations are high. BUT

Today we had a viewing of a house and it’s beautiful! It’s just renovated so basically shiny and new. Fancy new kitchen with everything in it: dishwasher, fridge, combi oven, 5(!) pit gas stove top. A new shower. A floor. It has a balcony (facing south is that good or bad?..)! It’s super close to work so I can bike again without losing weight in the grand mysterious weight loss situation I’m in! Literally everything!
The only thing is.. it’s not that big, only 55m2. But seeing as our current situation is going well, we can work with the space. Plus there’s an external storage (in the attic) of an additional 12 which we could turn into an studio for me and him (when I want to draw/paint or he wants to play guitar or write songs)!


But we sent in our documents and we’re hoping to hear back today! (at the soonest) Keep your fingers crossed we get it you guys. If we get chosen we could be moving before christmas!

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