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Fingers crossed for me one more time, please?

So last time your finger-crossing worked — I have my awesome new apartment (pictured below the Pug Avengers, I shared in an open thread last week too) and it’s super lovely. I finally got internet installed yesterday!


Now I need a little more help/luck. I have an interview for what looks to be a pretty decent job next Thursday, and I think I have a very good shot at it. It’s my practical legal specialty (if not my passion) and not to brag, but I am really, really good at it. I have lots of practical experience in it from my internships, a certification from my school, and a related certification that would make my job easier, plus I aced my last two classes on the topic.

So, I really really need this job. Bills very much need to be paid, my insurance is still dead-set on denying my claim for emergency services from my slip and fall on ice last November and subsequent injuries/treatments (so I may be paying that nice bill off, plus future treatment), and a lot of expenses have been piling up while I am working retail, since my retail income just barely covers rent alone. The pay isn’t spectacular, but my counselor says I should probably be able to get my minimum private practice salary requirement, which would pay the bills and eventually allow me to put some money in savings too.

I have a mock interview set up with my career counselor before the interview next week, so hopefully we’ll round out my performance.

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