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Fining Jaywalkers =/= Making Walking Illegal

Is Max Read trolling with this article? Jaywalking is dangerous anywhere, much less in Downtown Los Angeles where people drive like maniacs and are not used to pedestrians flouting the crossing laws.

Los Angeles is not a pedestrian-friendly city in general. Downtown is one of the few places where you can reasonably walk from one place to another. That doesn't mean you can meander into the street wherever you feel like it. There are crosswalks for that.


I do not understand this Max Read "I can walk in the street if I want to and the cars should stop for me" attitude. Pedestrians do not belong on the pavement just as cars do not belong on the sidewalk. Move your ass out of the street.

And the hyperbolic title is so incredibly stupid I can barely stand it. Jaywalking is illegal for a reason. If you can do it safely, i.e. there are no cars driving anywhere near you, knock yourself out. But there are rules for driving and there are rules for walking where the cars drive. I don't want to hit anyone when I'm driving. Folks darting out in front of my car makes this far more difficult than it should be. If you can't jaywalk safely, just go down to the crosswalk.

The more and more I'm reading his responses, the more and more I think he's just being a caustic jackass as clickbait. Because no one could possibly think that the problem is traffic and not the people illegally walking into it.

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