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and realized that Doctor Who really has its hooks in me, when, at the end, when we see the front door to the beautiful Arts & Crafts-style Robin Hill House, and it's painted blue with little windows at the top, and my only thought was an excited, "OMG It's a TARDIS!!!!!" NOT the thing to be thinking about at that series of heartbreaking moments, but there you go. It's a gorgeous house, that should have had more wallpaper.

The costumes were not my favorite—with cheap fabrics and skirts that weren't nearly complicated enough for the 1870s through the 1880s. Much of it felt very 2003, which is okay, too.


Also, for a story I didn't care much about, my heart physically hurt for Jon. And I am still pissed at Soames' smile at the end, because the bastard thinks he won! There were no winners—only destruction—but he's such an asshole, of course he'd think he won. Dammit. Why is Damian Lewis so good? I've gotta go rewatch Band of Brothers again, so I can get back to liking him properly.

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