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Have any of you guys read this? I know it speaks to a lot of the issues that I've seen come up on Groupthink. For example:

1. To mother (and she uses this term in a way that means any person can mother regardless of gender) is a philosophical act. One encounters and deals with moral and complicated questions daily, and the way that mothers approach these questions becomes its own philosophy, dependent upon (1) survival, (2) training, and (3) nurturance. To survive is of the utmost importance.


2. To mother something is not to give birth to it, but to adopt it. One may give birth to something and choose not to mother it, just as one may adopt a child and choose to mother it. One makes the choice to care about another creature and ensure that it survives, can function in society, be nurtured, and (most importantly) survive.

3. We live in a society that does not value the work that mothers do [this is why we see graphics and the like that attempt to put an economic value on mothers' work to give them better standing]. However, mothering is work, and work that we take for granted even though it is necessary for the function of our society.

4. Mothers are often associated with community and the want to preserve this over other aspects in confrontation. This is one of the reasons to mother has been associated with being passive aggressive. However, being passive aggressive didn't kill anyone. This philosophy can be extended to a philosophy of peace where the ethics of care drive a need to preserve the goodness in society.

Good read! Try it.

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