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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Finishing My First Syllabus/I'm Somebody's Favorite Feminist

Today I finish tweaking this syllabus and get it off to my course advisor. I start teaching, for the first time ever, this Tuesday. I'm both very excited, and positively terrified of the students. I only have the one section, fortunately, but I'm also taking a full course load and have additionally signed myself up for some committee work and being our department's union representative (we have a fairly strong union for graduate students here, which is very nice). Wish me luck, because this week I will be responsible for making sure students are ready to actually do this college thing.

Anyway, last night the Prophet Ripley and I went to a housewarming party for some friends of ours who just moved into a house together. There were so many people, many of whom are part of our PhD program (including a couple newbies who start on Monday whom I've briefly met in my new capacity this year as union representative for our department). The party was excellent, though, and knowing most everybody, I was comfortable enough to have fun. Normally I'm kind of a wallflower at parties, simply because I don't like getting overly social when I don't know anybody.


So I got a chance to meet some new people, catch up with a bunch of people I knew, start planning out some karaoke fun for next week with a couple friends, and talk horror movies with one of the Prophet's friends in the French program. I wore a witch's hat, the Prophet wore a stuffed walrus as a hat, I enjoyed a ten minute stay on the fainting couch, and the Prophet told a story about old roommates getting embarrassed when the CA in our university-run apartments when we were just starting dating reported a noise complaint from downstairs for loud sex noises (the CA thought it was about one of the roommates and their engaged-person, but it was really us). All in all, a good time.

But the highlight of it all for me was when one of the hosts introduced me to her boyfriend and introduced me as her favorite feminist. That's a great way to go into this last weekend before school starts.

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