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Welcome To The Bitchery

Finnaly De-squalorizing

Apperently two days of forgetting my meds had the welcome side effect of giving me enough drive/energy to de-squalor my house. I moved into my first home that wasn’t a rental in early August, but everything has been sitting in boxes gathering dust ever since. My first post here outlined how horrible I’ve been feeling recently due to other health issues, and I’ve pretty much been on bed rest unless I can bear going to work (sometimes resulting in going home a few hours in because I can’t tolerate the pain) since mid-November.

An unexpected (hypo?) manic swing hit me yesterday, and I’ve been cleaning/unpacking/assembling flat-pack furniture all weekend. I just need to set up the bed in the guest room and help my husband with his gym/office, and the house is done. I got the living room and dining area all set yesterday and spent today decorating, hanging pictures, and gathering anything that needs to be sold/donated. It’s the most housework I’ve done in 4 months.


It’s a posotive, since mania tends to block my ability to feel pain all that intensely, but I made sure to take my meds today so this doesn’t turn into an ugly, full-blown episode. I’ll probably stay in bed tomorrow watching movies aside from taking out the trash. I’m just hoping being good about my meds this week will be enough to nip it in the bud. Hypomania is nice because I’m extra productive, but full on mania turns me into a literal psychotic terror. Hopefully this plays out in my favor because my husband was overwhelmed by my energy today. At least he didn’t have to help me with the housework?

( Extra context: I have bipolar disorder, but it’s pretty well-managed with meds. I’m also a HS teacher, and Friday was the last day of classes before winter break. With the stress/craziness of the end of the semester at work, I am pretty sure I forgot to take my meds Friday night. I know I forgot last night because I fell asleep on the couch without realizing, and my husband woke me up sometime in the middle of the night to help me move to our bed. I will be making sure I don’t forget from now on.)

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