Do you like Finns, names and a bit of linguistics? then this post is for you! Find out your Finnish name! I'm Vilja Rinne, which is funny because my grandma once said she would have liked my name to be Vilja when I was born.

There's a lot of overlap between Finnish and Estonian names and a bunch of names have very small differences either in spelling or pronounciation so they're basically the same, like Vilja in Finnish and Vilja in Estonian both exist and mean more or less the same thing, but in Estonian the name is pronounced in the second length and in Finnish (which does not differentiate between second and third lengths from the standpoint of Estonian) it's pronounced in the Estonian equivalent of third length. the word 'vilja' in second lenght is the genitive and in the third length the partitive and illative form, 'vili' being the nominative in Estonian, whilst in Finnish 'vilja' in the third length is the nominative, 'viljan' genitive and 'viljaa' partitive. I think.

Oh, and if I were male, the Finngenerator thought I should be named Viljo Kukkamäki. Nice.


Hey! post the pretty photos of your new names too!