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TW: Fire & Flood

I’ll begin by saying my heart is broken. Because it is. I know yours is, too.

Possibly thousands burned alive in California & I just can’t comprehend that kind of human devastation & heartbreak of a fire that spread so fast. I can, and I can’t. But mostly I CAN imagine it & the people lost. And the harrowing stories of the people that managed to survive? Devistating as well.


Evacuation orders were not enough for the fires, and flood warnings weren’t enough, either, during hurricanes. I also know that financial ability to evacuate is a real & terrible problem. I know that any family’s ability to evacuate is directly tied to their financial ability to do so. We’ve seen it again & again.

As an East Coast native, fire has never been in my fear bank, just water, which is bad enough. Fire? Holy fuck, how do you prepare for that? How?

I’m snug here in my East Coast home & am wracked with grief imagining the prospect of burning alive that our West Coast neighbors have faced. Knowing that it’s how many people on the West Coast met their end, likely with their children & loved ones huddled to their chests? Dear lord.

Grieve & hold them in your hearts. No choice AT ALL, because that fire came so fast.


So, to flood prone people, PLEASE listen when the evacuation order is given. “Riding it out” is some bullshit. Very bad bullshit. Flood water & tide surge has taken thousands of lives, too, but we have the LUXURY of knowing in advance to go, IF we have the means to do so. Fire? No time to wait.

Many had no way out the floods, just like we will learn about how the people in the path of the California Fires had no way out, either. This fact is breaking my heart.


I know there are many West Coast GTers here. Please check in if you can & know that our whole hearts are with you.

Or, lay your thoughts here. xo

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