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Firing People, inane thoughts from the peanut gallery

I have inappropriate angst about the person my husband is going to fire tomorrow. I know about it because let's be real, spouses talk about work at home. And while I don't know any employee social security numbers, I do know an awful lot.

In other words, I know just enough to feel kind of bad. Which is weird, because I have totally mentioned to him straight up that this person should have been let go long ago. She's one of those employees that's great, then terrible, than great, then terrible, and in the worst ways. She undermines authority, she tries to go around authority all the time (not my husband, actually, but the person managing below him who is the employee's direct boss). And in truth, I like her as a person.

We've had drinks! I like her. But from a professional perspective, I see that she's problematic and not willing to change. She thinks she knows better than her supervisor and has said as much, point blank. She's disrespectful. If she stays, she'll train new employees not to listen to their boss. That just can't happen.


Unfortunately, she won't see it that way. I know how she'll see it — she'll think she's being silenced, because she's somewhat older and she's made a lot of complaints about her supervisor (which have been looked into and found... wanting, but are real to her, I'm sure). She'll think it's personal, some sort of vendetta between her direct supervisor and her — it isn't, but what does saying that mean to a person getting fired? Getting fired is always personal for the person being fired.

I know tomorrow is going to get really ugly. I feel bad that my husband is going to have to be there for the fallout, I know he hates it. Only sociopaths like firing people, I assume. But the one I'm mostly feeling bad for is her. She has responsibilities and expenses and ... I don't see her finding another job any time soon. I'm somewhat consoled by the fact that I know my husband's company will give her a good reference (within reason).

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