Are these a thing that most places have in place, regardless of their size or lack of an hr department? My job doesn’t have them, and it’s caused me so much stress that I need to release. A lot of this is going to be a vent, but maybe someone will have advice for me other than keep your head down and get out as soon as possible.

My educational director was informed that her last day would be Jan 8th, a forced resignation so she can keep face. She was awful, we were thrilled to see her go and looked forward to all the drama and mismanagement being a thing of the past. How wrong we were.

Did we change the locks or reclaim her key? No. Did we change all our usernames and passwords? No. Someone, probably her, logged onto our gmail account late Sunday night. I found out the next morning that this person also reset a non-email password. Did the admin immediately call the boss and let him know? No. She called him 10 hours later, just to let him know. Yesterday someone else logged onto our gmail account, changed the password, and the recovery email address (it had been me, that’s how I know all this). Did the administrator call him to make sure it was him? No. Did she ask him about it when he came in? No. Did she ask him for the password so we could check the school email? Not as of 12:30 when I left for a meeting.

Three weeks since her last day, and until yesterday she still had access to our email, and no other passwords have been changed yet. Nothing.

I cannot wait for the end of June.