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First Album/Cassette/CD/mp3 you bought

So, last night I was watching the Drunk History thing on Dolly Parton and I Will Always Love You and then of course had to listen to it. It reminded me of LeAnn Rimes* on Blue, so of course I listened to that. And, it reminded me that Blue was the first piece of music I bought with my own money. It was a cassette and I listened to it over and over.

(it was followed by lots of Sting and Neil Diamond, so I’m clearly a super cool music listener)

So, what was your first music you bought? Or, if you can’t remember what was first, then what other one holds some special meaning for you?


*back when she was known for being a super talented teenager and “the next Patsy Cline” rather than when she got all up into the Eddie Cibrian/Real Housewives drama.

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