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First anniversary gift - help please!

So, my best UK friend got married a year ago this Sunday. And I wasn't going to do anything except buy them a nice card and a bottle of wine.

But now my friend has mono! She was on antibiotics for a sinus infection and then she got a rash and the tell-tale signs of mono (she's still waiting for the test results to confirm it, but the doctor's pretty convinced it's mono). She doesn't feel too bad so far, but she and her husband are cancelling their fancy dinner reservations - these two never spend money going out and never had a honeymoon, so I feel just awful that this is happening. She's pretty well covered in the rash and feels really self-conscious about it, plus she's really tired, so she doesn't want to spend £200+ on a dinner when she's not feeling her best.


So now I don't want to get them wine because apparently you're not supposed to drink for 4-6 weeks when you have mono. I don't have much money or time, so I'm not sure what to do, but I'd like to get them (and her in particular!) something nice. Normally I'd trawl Etsy but I'm not sure there's enough time, especially since I'm in the UK and the Etsy selection here isn't stellar.

Help me hivemind, you're my only hope!

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