Party planning is crazy business. I knew lil guy's first party was going to be big since big guy has a large family, but wow. Between extended family and friends - which meant "if this one person is invited these people must get invites too" we had almost 100 people on the guest list. I figured a bunch would not come. Now those people are responding that they are coming, and they're bringing a date!
So it looks like we will be feeding about 100 people, thank god for party pizzas. About 20 of those will be kids ranging from one to three. This is nuts.
Since we can't depend on the weather to have it outside at our house we booked a local hall, and I will be hitting BJs for bulk snack purchases. And trying to keep it all in our cowboy theme. I am looking forward to it though, I love our friends and family and they love lil guy. We are having someone come to an animal demo and talk to entertain the kids for a bit. Hooray educational entertainment! I have to admit that I am glad that the next few years we can have just close family over the house before it's parties with lil friends. Now to figure out favor bags for the kiddos... Just over 2 weeks to go!