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First Christmas Success

For some reason I couldn't compose posts over the past few days, so I'm finally catching up!

This year with lil guy we had a lot more visiting to do, and we're not done yet since family is a bit scattered.
Christmas Eve morning my parents came
over and we did brunch. So nice and relaxing. My brother (who lives with us) got my husband a new recliner! He said the only other option was installing a seat belt on the old chair. That thing was an awful mess. It looks good, it's super comfy and the cat is all over it. Super nice of him! They hung out, we watched a movie and lil guy opened gifts and tried to eat the paper, then played with toys. Awesome.
That night we headed to a party at big guy's aunts house. Chaos. Gift giving chaos. I was expecting snacks and standard mingling- but lil guy met cousins and 2nd cousins and got so many gifts! They were very generous. I felt a little bad since we didnt bring anything. Lil guy lasted 4 hours though- until almost 10:30 so that was awesome.


Christmas Day! Big guy got me a bunch of Tardis and Dalek stuff and a gc to get my hairs did. Sweeeet. Then we headed to his parents house where I pretended to eat the lamb on my plate but big guy ate it for me. Lil guy played with his aunt, uncles, cousins and nana some more. Papiou makes him cry though, so no playing with him.
Then lil guy and I headed to my aunt and uncle's house while big guy hung out a bit longer at his parents then went home. Saw my cousins for a minute & my grandma who my Mom brought out from the home for the night. She has Alzheimer's and this will probably be the last holiday she will be able to join us for so it was good to see her.
Now... I need to see my Grandparents on my Dad's side! They haven't been together for decades so that's 2 separate trips there too. But I love visiting everyone so that's ok.
Lil Guy did great with all the visiting and everyone wanting to hold him, no melt downs hooray!!

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