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help me make enormous life decisions

We had our first counseling session. Like with most (all?) therapy, this first session was a get-to-know-you-and-why-are-you-here-session.

By the end she defined our problems as: I have trouble expressing my needs. He needs to learn to be less assertive to give me space to express my needs. Because of his assertive nature and my accommodating nature the relationship is uneven. There is fear on my part that things will fail again and I'll get hurt.

She felt strongly that moving out is the wrong move if we want to try to make the relationship work. But she had some thoughts about what we could do which she'd share with us next session.


But I was supposed to meet my future roommate tonight to discuss with her my moving in schedule.

I feel stuck between a rock and a hard place. When we came out of the session he asked if I felt comfortable with the therapist. I said I did but that I hoped that I'd have more clarity because I had to make a decision tonight. He held me, trying to comfort me while I stood there sobbing. He asked why I hadn't mentioned that during the session. I didnt have an answer.

I stil don't know what to do. I Don't want to lose the room but I'm not ready to give up. Future roommate texted me twice already today. I'm supposed to meet her in a few hours.

decisions decisions...

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