So far today has been great. It's been amazing to be back at work. I'm wearing my favorite boots and tights and the new maroon dress I posted pictures of a while back. Mr. Haa updated me on Baby Haa's first day and her teacher said she's been an angel. Hasn't cried all day. I feel great. Everyone has been super friendly and happy to have me back. I get 2 drink tickets at dinner tonight! I'm in heaven!

So now I'm killing time in a parking ramp across from the restaurant waiting until 6 when our room is available. I will be pumping milk. In my car. Soon. So please send amusing anecdotes or limericks. Also pray I don't get mugged while I'm doing this. And that I don't spill any milk because the logistics of doing this in my car without flashing the world might be tricky. Wish me luck.