I start my new job tomorrow, I have that awful first day jitters. It’s like a large corporate environment, with the paycheck to match but I have major imposter syndrome going on.

Things that happened this week:

- I actually got jury duty moved to March since I’m starting a new job.

-We went away from Friday night to this morning and my mother fed the cats. She gave me the list of things that she doesn’t like about my apartment and soaked things in the sink because they “needed” to be cleaned. We definitely want to move in January when our lease is up, and have a place with a washer and dryer and better maintained but shut up please it’s not your house. Just passive-aggressively leave the stuff in sink. God.

-We treated ourselves to a couple days away, relaxed, had a good time so of course we came home and the bedroom a/c is no longer working. Since the cats stay in there when we’re at work this was not an optional purchase. So great more money spent!

-I am however grateful that we were actually able to just cover a $200 purchase unexpectedly without issue.

-Please dear God get that Megan Trainor “Dear Future Husband” song out of my head before I stab someone. I miss my satellite radio and not having to rely on Top 40.