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So. Around 8 a.m. I dropped off my 14 month old daughter for her first day of “baby school” (aka daycare). She will go there three mornings a week while my son is in pre-k, and I will spend that time working from home on my sweet and fun new gig at my sweet and fun new Ikea desk. (For... reasons... I can’t get super into what I do at the moment, but the short version is I’m basically a professional mommyblogger now.) This is all terribly exciting to me and I wanted to share with someone. I shared a picture of my new work space the other day, but I’ll post here again, so that this post has an image:

That blank wall? I’m going to hang framed portraits of my favorite writers. Woolf, Nabakov, E. Bronte, to name a few... I think it’ll look fun an arty.


Le Petit Comte isn’t in pre-k yet. The school year starts 9/9, so I have a month of... frankly letting him watch a lot more TV than he usually does. Womp womp. Oh well: it’s all educational anyway!

Anyone looking forward to any fun firsts in the coming days/weeks/etc?

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