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First Day of Rehab: Vaseline Pocket Size Lip Therapy with Aloe Vera

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Followup to this.

The first product I'm going to be testing this week is admittedly a bit boring. It's also annoying for any North American readers because these cute lip tins are only available in the UK. In fact, the North American version of lip therapy is instead a tiny little tub of the normal Vaseline which then makes it all the more obvious that you're basically paying 10x as much for a tiny amount of the product you already own.


No, I prefer to be lied to with a cute vintage tin.

So I own about 10 of these (mild exaggeration) from the last two times I was in London (I'm super fancy like that) and I will warn you right off the bat that these have a place in my heart because they remind me of being a young college student loose in Europe with my friends. Even if — by the end of the week — I'm forced to admit that these might not be all that great, I'm definitely keeping them for nostalgia's sake.


But I'm still going to be testing the Aloe Vera version and will get back to you with as honest a review as I can muster.

So what does Lip Therapy promise its customers? The Boots website provides the following description:

Our lips have an amazing ability to experience heightened sensations, allowing us to feel the slightest of touch and sense the environment around us. However, unlike body skin, the skin on our lips does not naturally create its own moisture layer, leaving it susceptible to dryness and chapping.

Vaseline's stylish, functional Lip Therapy tins with their original retro look are perfect to help keep lips healthy and protected from the elements, and Aloe Vera adds an extra soothing touch of hydration.


So Vaseline has gone the oft-avoided honest route, which is nice to see. Basically what this product can do — which is what all lip balms can do — is lock in the current amount of moisture you already have. Most balms will hint that they can restore moisture to your lips, or cure a chapped and dried mouth. That's just not true, sadly. If your lips are chapped, you just need to wait for them to heal. But going into dryer, colder months, it's good to try to seal in the last vestiges of Summer/Fall softness and protect your lips from the elements.

So this is Product #1. Sorry if it's a bit boring, but I promise the next few products will be more fun.


Feedback request: is there a point in my "introducing" the products, or do you think I'm better off just reviewing them in a week's time?

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