Today is the first day of school. Summer is over. But on the bright side, Mr. Perfect texted back! But still, school. Feelings illustrated by gifs.

First, Ru Paul, telling it like it is:

I only got about two weeks of "summer" due to stupid fucking summer school. But, at least, I got out of my math requirement! But I did find myself in the most ridiculous literature class, but I made it through.

So, here's my day today:

  • Get to school by around 10-ish.
  • Go to my dreaded German philosophy class. I don't know much about German philosophy, but I do know that I'm broke and I may not be able to afford the "surprise" course reader.
  • Get said course reader. Even though I spent about $100.00 on the books for fucking German philosophy. Seriously. Fuck that shit.
  • Have a 3 hour break, because my Scandinavian crime literature class, the only class I might actually like, was canceled because the professor decided his vacation is more important than, you know, teaching. And made me spend about $100.00 on books. Normally I'd be stoked for a canceled class, but 3 hours of basically watching TV on my iPad...


  • Go to this goddamn sociology class. Which I spent $100.00 plus on books. And the professor decided to write a 14 page syllabus, complete with "inspirational" quotes. And, another "surprise" course reader-adding to my brokeness. Seriously, who makes a $65.00 course reader? Anal retentive professors, obviously. Here you go, asshole professor:


  • I'll basically be on campus for about 7 hours. During which I won't be able to afford a nice cup of iced black coffee. And thus, I'll probably crash.

On the bright side, I took all of the advice given to me yesterday, and texted Mr. Perfect (couldn't call, he has a really hectic job). My feels when I got the text (you're welcome, Loki/Tom Hiddleston fans):


It's going to be a long day. But MR. PERFECT TEXTED ME! I need help deciphering the text:

Sorry for the late reply. I had fun too :) I'll let you know once life returns to normal.

What does this mean?