Heads up: weight stuff

I wrote last week about how I'm starting to see a Registered Dietitian, after a first attempt to get healthy using a nutritionist/trainer. I had my first appointment/consultation yesterday morning and I'm feeling good about it so far. For anyone who's curious, here's how it went:

Obviously, I weighed in, and a magical scale sent electrical magic through my muggle body to give an estimate of my body composition. Good news! I'm actually pretty muscular. Bad news: it's under a shitload of fat.

We talked a whole lot about what led to my weight gain - behaviorally and just, literally, how I ate while I gained. Now that I am in maintain mode (where my habits improved but not enough to turn it around), we went over a 3-day food log from last week. I also showed her my linebacker nutritionist plan - because I felt amazing on it but it was a real routine-killer.

She didn't love the nutritionist/trainer's meal plan because of it being such a shock to my way of life, and also because she said it is really for someone who is trying to build muscle. But she noted that I did well on high protein and that I liked it.


The majority of what we did was talk about servings, and form a meal plan using "exchanges" instead of actual recipes/foods. I was given this book to go through, so I can match up the foods I want and design my own plan based on it (the picture is of the sort-of daily plan). So I do need to sit and do a little homework.


What I really loved about her is she is ALL about gradual change, and fitting it into your lifestyle. You'll notice there's not much fruit on there - it's because I hate fruit (I hate sweet stuff, mostly!). She said, "ideally I want you to eat more fruit than this, but we'll just do this for now and see how you do." SEE? SHE'S GOING TO HELP ME TRICK MYSELF. She knows I skip meals out of being distracted or not hungry - so she is making me pause every hour and think about my hunger and rank it on a scale.

She wants me to form habits so that I'm never actually on a diet.

It seems like common sense - I have enough nutritional knowledge to know what healthy food is and isn't, for the most part. But it's really not common sense. I am not equipped, myself, to figure out how many calories I actually should be eating (because basing it off of the weight I want to lose is not enough), and how those calories should be composed. Having a professional sit and talk about this stuff with me was so helpful. Plus, being somewhat accountable to someone and having them hold my hand through it is really great.


It seems a little high on the carbs but I know that I instinctively want to demonize carbs and that's not exactly correct. I'm not the expert, anyway.

She said she can give me recipes if I want, but I know that I feel more confident making them up myself or searching them out on my own, since I know what I like and have this mystical booklet.

I want everyone's favorite healthy recipes! Or websites. I am good in the kitchen and I can be creative but the possibilities are endless and so I'd love having a collection from GT.