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Heya, after a plea for assistance yesterday (thanks for all the advice by the way!) a few of you asked me to let you know how it went.

First of all: let me reassure you, I'm alive, I still retain all of my bodily organs and I'm in one piece.

That out of the way, this morning, I met C (unfortunately the same name as my ex-wife) at a coffee shop in Sydney town centre. It went really well - chatting was easy, it turns out she's also English, but has gone native here, becoming a permanent resident some time ago. She's a doctor, also a bit of an adrenaline junky and also as attractive as her pictures suggested. Tinder wasn't even mentioned as we were sucked into where we'd been and what we'd done, she even showed me a video of her face-planting in a snowboarding accident.


All in all, it felt like a normal internet date (something I've done a bit of before), except I knew a lot less about her before - the brevity of chat that the app seems to encourage meant that I found the conversation to be even more interesting as you're starting from zero. Sex seemed to be off the table as a conversational concept and wasn't broached once, so it seems that the apps' user base isn't entirely pre-occupied with one nighters (based on a sample size of 1!).

All in all we both seemed to pass each others' first date tests, and we're meeting up again for drinks next week. For the first time in a long while, I've come off an internet date where I'm really looking forward to seeing her again.

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