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Welcome To The Bitchery
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First Garry Marshall now Grant Tinker both in TV Heaven

Grant Tinker like Garry Marshall gave us so many memories via television. He has died at age 90 both died in Horrible 2016. Mary Tyler Moore Show (he was married to Mary and they created MTM prooductions), Cheers where everyone knows your name, Rhoda, Lou Grant a newspaper mentioned in many NBC series of years ago not sure if any still do, Hill Street Blues god I loved this show, Family Ties I knew so many Alex P Keatons in high school and many more.



Hill Street Blues had the best jazziest theme ever let’s remember Tinker with this theme. Also Mary Tyler Moore’s theme song as well as Cheers are so remembered.

Let’s hope Mary Tyler Moore lives for many more years.

Anyone else grew up watching these shows? Besides me? Him and Marshall gave me so much growing up.

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