Welcome to the first group think motivation thread! If you've been wanting to quit a bad habit, or take up a good one, but have been procrastinating endlessly over it, using thoughts like;

"It's raining today. No-one goes to the gym when it's raining" OR

"Well I might as well wait until after Christmas before I even try to eat more healthily" OR

"I will definitely give up smoking on the 1st January. DEFINITELY".

You can either decide to keep doing that (you do you!), OR join the thread to look for a bit of motivation from others, to hold yourself accountable to people other than you (and possibly your cat. That judgemental bastard), to ask others for advice during tough times or simply to gloat about how awesome you are doing.


I am:

* Quitting smoking

* Going to start going to the gym again

* Going to stop biting my nails (in case Mr Kay gets me a ring this Christmas)***


*** brought to you by the power of wishful thinking