Hi GT! I’m a longtime lurker and commenter, new author, and I’m excited to (hopefully) contribute to the awesome community here.

I figured I’d start my posting off with something fun/inane - makeup advice! I’m an infrequent makeup wearer (really only for weddings and job interviews), and I have zero expertise. My usual routine, when I do wear makeup, is powder foundation, eyeshadow, mascara, lip gloss, and eyeliner if I’m feeling ambitious. I graduated law school last year and I’m interviewing for higher-level jobs now, so I’m trying to step up my makeup routine and look a bit more mature and professional.

I think my most pressing need right now is for a good BB cream or foundation. My main criteria is that it feels really light on your face (I can’t stand the look or feel of mask-like foundation) and won’t cake/melt in humidity. Save me from my makeup incompetence, GT! Help me be a grown-up lady lawyer!