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First I laughed, and then I was sad

I'm doing some research for a blog post (for my study abroad blog for school) and came across this article on the French starting sex ed at age 6. Some highlights:

France has become a field for growing new unnatural humanity.

The mission of the school is “teaching gender equality.”


Nice scare quotes, dude.

The amendment was supported by the President of the Commission, as well as Trotskyite-like leftists in the parliament – the Socialists, the Communists, and “environmentalists.”

Unlike the classic gender roles, today the same person can have multiple gender roles. In addition to “untrendy” traditional men and women there are homosexuals (gays and lesbians), as well as such “species” as bisexuals, transvestites, and transsexuals.


And on Russia:

Finally the actions of Russian legislators were timely, and despite the annoying squeals of some murky human rights activists at least some barrier will be installed to inhuman and unnatural homosexual wave from the West. Meanwhile they did a favor to the defenders and sources of sodomy and lesbianism, as in the absence of the law they would simply be beaten in the streets.


So then, in an attempt to find a legitimate news source, I did some googling. The only other references I was able to find to this were the following, both of which used the piece linked above as their source.


This thread from a "white pride worldwide" forum:

Communist nonsense.
Reading writing and arithmetic Are the only things they should be teaching.
and of course true history.

[Quote from Brave New World.]

Gender equality is pretty much a lie. The genders are different. The only way they can be close to equal is if women pursued men and men had to chase off women, and then the artificial womb was invented and if a man wanted kids but he could purchase a frozen egg and use an artificial womb to grow it.


And this one, from "Godlike Productions: UFOs, Conspiracy Theorists, Lunatic Fringe".

Isn't the birthrate low enough as it is? Aren't white people disappearing fast enough?

Read occult literature and you'll see the amount of religion in these indoctrination programs. How is it that the western nations vehemently reject Christ and the gospel and yet are more than willing to sit and learn satan's gospel?


What? How did I fall into this hole of batshit crazy so quickly?

And I never did find an actual news source on this story.

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