Makayla Sault, an 11 year old girl from the Chipewas of the New Credit First Nation in Ontario, passed away yesterday after reportedly having a stroke on Sunday. Makayla first entered the news when the hospital that had been treating her for Leukemia Tried to get the Children's Aid Society to intervene in an attempt to force her back into chemotherapy. Makayla's family had decided to pursue a mixture of traditional medicine, and alternative medicine.

I found out she had passed away this morning from my Facebook feed, as several skeptics on my feed pounced on her death. I am not a fan of her family's choice to take her off chemo, but I find it fascinating that people who proport to examine the evidence in things are jumping on this as if her chemotherapy refusal is the cause of her death without any evidence. The fact is, stroke is a known risk factor for blood clots and stroke. This stroke could have happened even if she had stayed on the chemo.