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First off, if you get the obscure gif-joke, you win two internet candies and an electronic high-five.

Secondly, I've counted the votes, including one from my chiropractor and the masseuse I see from time to time. They both recommended 2-3 days away from fluting, unless I want the numbness in my third and fourth finger to become a permanent thing.

C6 and C7 were in a weird place, which lead to huge knots on the outside of them. All neck/arm/shoulder muscles are currently inflamed to the point that they pulse when I breathe. I'm typing one-handed because the right one has reduced sensation. This is on top of the recent dance with food poisoning and/or the ongoing struggle to figure out Which Common Food Allergen Is Killing Me.

No flute for me this weekend, guys, which means no audition.

Don't worry, though. There's possibly one more on the calendar and audition season will start up again in the spring. I'll be back and better than ever.

In the meantime, it is now MASTERCLASS SEASON. Never fear. Your GroupThink Flute Sensation will become an Actual World Flute Sensation somehow.

Even if people have to get broken thumbs for that to happen. *evil laugh*


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