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First openly gay head of government elected!

Last night Kathleen Wynne, head of the Liberal Party of Ontario was elected premier. This is the first time that an openly gay person has been elected to the position of head of government in Ontario, in Canada, in North America, in the British Commonwealth, and in the ENTIRE English-speaking world.

What is even better is that her orientation was not a topic of discussion in the media at all. Nobody really cared. Her opponents didn't care, the media didn't care. Her religious beliefs were never discussed - though that's pretty standard for Canada, not knowing what religion a politician is - because nobody cared.

Ontario was the first jurisdiction in North America to legalize same sex marriage, and the third in the entire world, and has a long and excellent track record on gay rights.


So...whatever your political leanings, this is a huge win. Massive congratulations to Ontario! Happy World Pride Day!


ETA The Chief Minister of the Isle of Man was elected three years ago and is an openly gay man. Kathleen Wynne's win is being widely reported in the media as the first head elected openly gay head of government in the English speaking world, so I'm not sure if they're not counting him or if there's some nuance that makes it a slightly different category.

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