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First Post in a Long Time, AND CAKE

It's been a while, Groupthink. I was a regular (well, posted a little and read a lot) before the Great Kinja Switchover, but around that time my life went to shit and I couldn't cope with internet-ing. Then everything here was different, and I didn't know how to make my way back in. This community was so important to me making it through late high school and early college, that I just had to figure it out somehow.

Hence the cake! The best cake ever, and the cake I've been eating for breakfast every day since Christmas! (It's almost gone now. Sad.)


Its name: THE SMITH ISLAND CAKE. Hailing from Smith Island off the coast of Maryland (it's my state's official cake! States can have official cakes!!), it's a delicious confection made up of ten layers of cake separated by thin layers of icing. Each layer is about a quarter inch thick (they look slightly larger in the picture). Every bite manages to achieve a perfect ration between cake and icing.

Everyone should eat this cake. My grandmother always orders one for Christmas, and while for most of the year I'm strongly Team Pie, this cake temporarily converts me. We always get red velvet, because red velvet, but there are all the other good cake combinations too.

So, yeah. Hello again, Groupthink. Have a slice of cake.

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